Atlanta Dog Trainer Dog Daycare
Alpharetta (770) 714-9877

Doggie Daycare Rates

Add on a 20 minute supervised swim in our 48' huge dog pool $15!

  • 1 visit $25 per dog
  • 5 visits $110 per dog
  • 10 visits $220 per dog
  • 20 visits $420 per dog

Temperament Tests

  • ADT clients – $10
  • All other clients – $15

Reservations are required.

Appointments required for Temperament Test $15.  Email ""


Alpharetta Location: (770) 714-9877

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 7am to 7pm.

We are closed four days a year: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter.

Alpharetta Dog Daycare

Our primary goal in Doggie Day Care Atlanta is to release your dogs’ stress, energy and to mentally stimulate them while in our care. As we always say in my obedience classes, "an exhausted dog does nothing wrong". I decided to open our own Doggie Daycare because so many of our client’s dogs were under exercised and over stressed during training. Opening our own daycare is an added bonus to our already existing variety of services.

Being a Certified Canine Behavior and Training Specialist, I used my 20 years of experience with dogs to design a good doggie day care like a playground that would not only exercise your dog physically but stimulate them mentally as well. A lot of the working breeds need as much mental stimulation as physical stimulation. Every mix breed seems to have a little Labrador or Shepherd in them so more and more dogs appear to be mixed with working breeds… Our doggie daycare is perfect for pure-blooded breeds as well as mixes of these breeds and mutts of all kinds.

The secured facility is 200 feet long and 77 feet wide with 6 foot high fencing and a reinforced bottom line. The area is large enough for us to supervise, give your dog ample room to get up a good speed, run, jump and play but not get lost in an area too large to supervise every dog. The doggie daycare is attached to a large covered enclosed barn with four extra large stalls for protection from any cold or inclement weather.

There are 3 wading Hippos, a large baby pool to play in, agility tunnels for them to run through, interactive toys to stimulate their minds, a huge 15ft x 10ft sand box to dig in, agility equipment for them to play on, and of course our automatic ball thrower, our staff, who will be in with the dogs at all times.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff has completed first aid classes and are educated on “bullying” behavior, dehydration and has the knowledge to recognize when a dog needs a rest period.  

Bring your hyperactive, stressed-out, under-exercised dog to our doggie daycare and we will do the rest. When you pick your dogs up from our doggie day care they will probably go to sleep in the car on the way home and be the perfect angel that you always knew they could be.

Criteria for acceptance in our Atlanta Doggie Daycare:

  • All dogs will be temperament tested (even if they are currently in a doggie day care program elsewhere).
  • Temperaments are $15 for all Doggie Daycare clients past or present that have taken classes with Atlanta Dog Trainer all other doggie daycare applicants cost for temperament test are $15.
  • Male dogs must be neutered if over 8 months old. 
  • No females in heat. 
  • Prefer for all the dogs to be in by 10:30am
  • No Bullies.
  • No sickly, flea & tick-ridden dogs.
  • No dogs that were currently ill within the last 30 days [unless a written release form from their veterinarian] or any dogs with health issues that could be transferable to other dogs.
  • A current health exam is preferred.
  • Dogs must be at least 10 pounds and or be a hearty dog to be able to play with the big dogs.
  • Dogs must be at least 4-5 months of age and have their rabies shots. 
  • Proof of vaccines, including Bordetella, must be on a veterinary letterhead and have the dates of when the last vaccines were administered and the due dates for boosters, vet’s phone numbers etc…
  • ALL dogs must be on a harness to be admitted to Atlanta Doggie Daycare.

Atlanta Dog Trainer reserves the right to refuse, remove or cancel visitation privileges to Any and All dogs that we perceive as a problem dog, overly dominant or any dogs we perceive as a danger to our doggie daycare center, to staff, dogs or our clients.

For more information on a good Doggie Day Care please email  "".

Dog Training tips for socializing your dog:

Once your dog is fully immunized you should have them on 7 different types of surfaces, take them to 7 different environments, have 7 different size humans give them a treat, take them around 7 odd shaped objects and have them hear 7 different sounds and have a motorcycle as one of the goals for the sound socialization. These exercises will teach them social skills as well as skill to deal with strange environments, sounds etc,