Dog Aggression, Fear,Territorial and Reactivity Management Courses

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Dog Aggression Management courses start with 6 one-hour private sessions for $440-$465 or one hour sessions are $75- $80. The Dog Aggression Management Course includes six sessions of canine aggression management, behavior modification, socialization to dogs, children and adults, and our dog obedience training curriculum as well as reversal of hierarchy to reestablish you as the Alpha. Aggressive canine behavior can stem from many variables and we will work with you to manage the canine aggression to make your life more enjoyable with your beloved dog.

In the aggressive dog training course, we will teach you how to be the leader and stay the leader of the pack in all situations. We think like pack leaders and will teach you how to see all the warning signals and body postures to be aware of when your dog first starts eliciting signs of aggression. We also work with dominant/fearful puppies that start showing signs of dog aggression or possession at an early age. We use a lot of counter-conditioning techniques in the aggressive dog training course and show you how to change the dog’s mind-set before the canine aggression gets escalated.

We also do in-home aggression management courses. Please email Susie with your address to get a quote on canine aggression management in your home. A few other dog training aggression management courses are available in other Metro Atlanta Areas  as well as our Alpharetta Aggressive Management Courses and Woodstock Aggressive Management Courses.

We can help you at our facility 12900 Freemanville RD Roswell/Alpharetta, 30004.  We have the most resources to work with at our facility.  We can supply multiple tools to be most affective with different dog's personalities, different aggressive issues in a more controlled environment.  At our facility we have trainers and people ( to help with a positive approach, when needed) in order to have all types of resources available for the different levels of reactivity from your dog.  With our dog aggression management course at our Roswell and Alpharetta location, we can provide different dogs in to the training lessons (dogs, we know what their reaction is going to be towards your dog aggression) for a approximate simulation of what your dog goes through during aggressive response.  These scenarios played out in a controlled enviroment an extremely affective training tool for our clients to take back to their home.  In the private sessions so we can point out specifics and replay any reactivity when needed to help clients with the hands on knowledge to continue the training in their own territory.

Alanna Isabella and Hezi

Our canine aggression management trainers are well versed in all types of dog aggression from territorial to dominant, leash aggression, predatory, human or dog aggressive and aggression based on fear issues and lack of confidence. Since we work closely with so many rescue groups we have a lot of experience with fearful and phobic behaviors as well as dog aggression.

Our methods are positive and effective without putting undue pressure on your dog or using any aggressive techniques that can cause the dog to redirect on another dog or a lower member of their pack [you or a child etc.]. We work with each dog as an individual and tailor the training to best fit your dog’s personality and learning abilities. We teach through opening the lines of communication, trust, respect and consistency. You cannot use aggression on aggression, it will make your dog’s aggression worse.

To find out more on different dog aggression such as dog leash aggression, barrier frustration and canine aggression in crates click here.


“Although our two dogs had been members of the park for six months, we were actually referred to Susie Aga through a friend who is very active with animal rescue groups. Our rescue mix, Wally, had unexpectedly begun to exhibit aggression toward people, and our friend said that Susie had the best reputation for working with aggressive dogs in the North Atlanta area. I then made the connection, that this was Atlanta Dog Trainer, affiliated with the dog park.

Susie's training methods are very effective. She is firm, but obviously loves the dogs. She is a big advocate for using exercise to minimize training problems, and I think that's excellent advice. Progress requires a lot of time doing 'homework' but the work pays off. Susie is very good with all the dogs and their owners. Her own border collies are 'model citizens' and usually present for the training sessions. Wally was a star student in obedience class, and

Susie is continuing to work with us on home-related territorial aggression issues. We've had discussions with another trainer in the Atlanta area, that we felt was overly harsh in his methods and approach to the dogs. Susie understands that as an owner, you already love the dog, and if the dog hurts, so does the owner.

Our Schipperke, Zoe, has also participated in agility training with Susie, and responded very well. We'll undoubtedly be enrolling Zoe in future agility classes to help harness some of her abundant energy!We definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for just obedience, agility, or help with more troubling issues.”

Joan Ray
EVP, Elliot Associates, Alpharetta

Positive Training for Aggression Management and dogs with reactivity issues.

We work with all types of aggression from fear to dominance, territorial, dog to dog aggression, prey, lack of social skills, trauma-induced and aggression towards kids or adults.

  • Desensitization to sounds, especially for sensitive and over-reactive dogs:
  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Fear aggression towards objects, children, weather,
    • Door Bells
    • Motorcycles
    • Trucks
    • Fire Crackers
    • Thunder
    • Other sound that triggers aggressive behavior
  • Desensitization to kids and adults [if your dog has human or fearful induced aggression, lack of socialization to children as puppies, fearful of men and or does not have copping skills to deal with normal situations].
  • Confidence building exercises for fearful behaviors and dogs without confidence [dogs that seem to be over-reactive to normal situations or any change in their surroundings].
  • Confidence and socialization exercises with positive training tools to teach dogs with low nerve thresholds.
  • Lowering the intensity of the aggressive behavior until it is extinguished [we work with positive behavioral tools, re-socialization and obedience training as central to the rehabilitation progress].
  • Full obedience regime basic through off leash obedience. We teach you how to be the leader in all situations and excitement levels.

If you have any questions on dog training, puppy training, house breaking or any other dog obedience training issues please call Susie at 770-754-9178.

Canine Aggression - commonly asked questions:

Behavioral Weekend North Ga Therapy
I participated in a behavioral workshop this weekend with Atlanta Dog Trainer. As a trainer myself, I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge and understanding of the canine world. I can honestly say this was one of the best workshops I have attended in quite sometime. The information presented was very thorough and the hands-on training made it easy to understand. Susie and her staff were excellent. They demonstrated both knowledge and patience with each participant. I am looking forward to participating in more workshops with Atlanta Dog Trainer.

Bill Buck
6 10 2013

Life of the Dog Services

Once you have completed the 6 week aggression management training Course offered by Atlanta Dog Trainer, you can come back and refresh yourself on training techniques by taking the same level group dog obedience training course over for the rest of your dog’s life. This is also included with the Intermediate and Advanced courses In-Home Dog Training and Private Dog Training Lessons include The Life of the Dog Services as well! In the future, if you need to freshen up on Dog Obedience Training techniques you can come join a group Dog Obedience Class. You have the ability to come and train around the group classes and train around high distractions with other dogs whenever you wish or simply join the group class.  The aggression management refreshers are for the dog to have exposure to other dogs at a distance and have the enviroment for teaching them coping skills and desensitization.

I want the dogs to have the best chance they can to become part of your family. This can be accomplished through obedience training. Manners are a must as well as kindness and trust.

My reputation has been built from your success with your dog with my easy and effective training techniques. I will commit to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, just be as committed as I am and the rest is simple!

Dog aggression management courses included The Life of The Dog Services as well… As your dog gets better with their canine aggression you can come to the group classes to keep refreshing yourself on the obedience training and work in a controlled environment. The dog aggression management course and The Life of The Dog Services works in conjuction with the progression and rehabilitation of the canine aggression to make your dog more enjoyable to be around.

Canine Aggression Management tips:

When working with dog aggression you should try to take away any trigger that makes the canine aggression surface. Stay away from other dogs and work at a distance when working on aggressive dog training management. Once the dog is better then you can move closer and closer to the other dog, one step at a time. Do not use aggression on aggression as it can make the behavior worse. Canine aggression must be managed through an experienced trainer or the aggression can get worse and the dog could redirect on a lower member of the pack. You CANNOT use electric collars on dog aggression or any other canine aggressive behavior, as you must understand what type of aggression it is and all the underlining factors in order to devise a program to work on your dogs aggression. Once you see improvement in the aggressive dog training, you can start socialization exercises at a distance and use positive redirecting as a method for desensitization for your dogs aggression.

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