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The above Atlanta dog obedience training courses include The Life of the Dog Services. All of our classes and services are taught by certified, experienced trainers.

We offer all levels at  of dog obedience training including puppy obedience training, manners, puppy kindergarten, house breaking and behavior modification. We specialize in help with all types of aggression problems. We also work with aggressive dog issues and seek solutions through behavior modification and dog obedience training. These problems can include: leash aggression, aggression towards dogs, aggression towards children or adults. Please read Susie’s article on dog aggression problems for Petlanta magazine. Lack of dog obedience training is usually the core of all canine behavioral issues.

Susie has 20 plus years experience working with difficult dogs and behavioral issues. She specializes in managing aggression in all forms including; aggression towards adults, kids and dogs, aggression displayed in new environments, fear or trauma based aggression and aggression caused by severely imprinted behaviors from the puppy development stages.   She also masters phobic behaviors, very experienced with older dogs with well established patterns of bad behavior and dogs with hard to define core issues which cause behavior triggers that surface in aggression.

Group Class Schedules

  • Note class dates could be postponed a week due to weather.
  • If the class is full when we receive your registration form, we will put you into an overflow class at the same location or refund your tuition.
  • If these locations or dates do not suit you, we can set up classes in your area. Please contact us for details. For more information or questions on dog or puppy obedience classes please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to help.

Dog Obedience Training Locations

Our training location. 12900 Freemanville Road, Alpharetta 30004: Atlanta Dog Trainer (Rustic looking house with a red tin roof)

Next Puppy classes: runs for 4 weeks $95 (dates are subject to change due to weather) you must register for class BEFORE start date and confirm with your instructor if there are any date changes, pls.
  • May 30th at 9am Saturday
  • June 20th at 10am
  • More class to be scheduled shortly
Puppy classes: not more than 6-7 puppies in a class puppy agility included in classes for confidence building.  This class is for puppies under 4 1/2 -5 months old.  Your vet will approve if your puppy has enough immunizations to be around other dogs/puppies.  Each vet is different on what series of immunizations they want a puppy to have.  Please check with your vet.  All puppies in class are immunized by a vets approval.
  All varieties of our classes for dog obedience training run for an hour.  The classes run consecutively (a class can be postpone for major holidays and or inclement weather).  We have small individualized class no more than 7-8 dogs in a class.

Next basic obedience classes in Roswell/Alpharetta/Milton Area.  12900 Freemanville Rd, Milton 30004

  • Our BASIC Obedience 6 wk classes are $145 with life of the dog services, included.  
  • May 29th Friday at 10am
  • May 31st Sunday at 2pm
  • Weekday classes forming now as well.  Send a email in with a few preferred dates and times and we will be happy to start a class!

Semi private weekday classes information below:  If you would like a specific time please email Susie and give her a few options and she will get a class going on your timeline.

  • ·  Midtown location: Piedmont Park in Mid Town Atlanta
  •     Runs for 6 weeks and includes the life services $160

Registration instructions: You must send in the registration form signed and dated with tuition in order to hold a position in our dog obedience training class. Please include class title, start date, and location on form. Our classes are held outdoors and are lots of Fun!! Please dress appropriately! NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS allowed in group classes unless a prior evaluation has occurred.

Did you tell your mom you would help with the puppy?
Did everyone say they wanted a holiday poochie?? 
Are you wanting your kids to help with the new arrival?
Get your child started as responsible owner with these Canine and Kids Class
  Kids with canine classes! Ages 6-12 
Fun for  the day while you shop away.
 Teaching ways to have responsible Kids in a Canine partnerships
Teaching your children how to read their dogs to know how to have a great life long companion
Training Kids to train their dogs
Kids and Canine Safety
Sunday 5/24/15

One Kid with one dog $75
One family 2 kids one dog $125
from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m
Call us at 770-754-9178 space is limited!
  Training Facility: 12900 Freemanville Rd, Milton, GA 3000

Group Dog Training Classes

Group obedience training classes: New economical special for Alpharetta and Roswell location only  $145 for a 6 week obedience course with The Life of the Dog Services included; Group Classes at all other locations are $160 and include the life services as well.     Classes are small with a limited number of dogs to allow for individualized attention for you and your dog. The class will meet at the same location and time for the following 6 weeks. Puppy obedience training classes receive The Life of The Dog Services as well.

There will be 6 weeks of obedience training with go home lessons and homework handouts. You will be given the tools to train your dog at your home during the week between classes. The classes are designed to go at your own pace.  For your dog to achieve the curricula stated below for the basic obedience course within the 6 week time frame, you will need to do 3–4 sessions of 5–10 minutes a day to achieve your goals. You will be given the tools to train your dog and when and how much you use the tools is up to you. You will have the tools to train at your own pace as well as train all your dogs in the future.

Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes in your neighborhood, church, school or just a bunch of friends getting together and obedience training their dogs.  Add $15 on to regular group class price of $160 and we will come to your neighborhood and do private specialized classes.  The total tuition $175  for each dog with preferably a 4-5 dog minimum. Lessons are held in designated areas in Metro Atlanta. The dog obedience training will be a 6 week obedience course with The Life of The Dog Services included. These classes are like a party since everyone will most likely know the other students, and is a great way to hold practice sessions with your group between lessons. Dogs will also get a play time at the end to help with socialization which helps to teach them appropriate ways to greet and play with other dogs.

Times and days for dog obedience training and puppy obedience training are tailored to your schedule as much as possible. The dogs will learn in distractions and you will have the convenience of having the class in your neighborhood as well as the class is tailored to your groups needs.

Obedience Training Levels & Class Curriculum

Basic Obedience Dog Training Curriculum:

Dogs will learn the following in Basic Group Classes, Private Lessons and In-Home Training :

  • “Sit” and “Stay” in distractions.
  • 1 minute sit in high distractions.
  • “Stay” in distractions.
  • 3 minute down in distractions.
  • “Wait” inside a car so they do not bolt out of the car.
  • “Wait” in a doorway.
  • “Drop” to drop any and all things you ask them to.
  • Walking on a loose leash [means do not pull].
  • “Off” means: do not jump on me or anyone else.
  • “Sit in excitement” we will teach your dog that they must listen to you even if they are excited or in high drive.
  • We teach the dog that their name means “come to me”.
  • “Come” as an emergence command.
  • We also teach a non-verbal come command which is a sound association.
  • We will teach 3 tools to get your dog to come to you.
  • They will have 3 tricks to graduate!

Intermediate Classes 

 Intermediate class consists of 6 group obedience classes for $145 with The Life of The Dog Services included. 

Intermediate dog obedience classes will strengthen the bond between you and your dog for a lifetime of companionship. The group obedience classes will add to the existing obedience commands that your dog has learned in their basic group obedience classes. In the intermediate obedience class we will start adding in higher and higher distraction, adding in more distance away from your dog in obedience commands and add in more duration in the commands. Classes are small and individualized.

Intermediate Obedience Dog Training Curriculum:

  • Three fun ways to get your dog to come to you in distractions.
  • Catch, retrieve and release.
  •  Heel. Sit when you stop. Turn left and right staying in proper position.
  • “Sit” in distractions with toys being thrown past the dogs: food distractions, kids and dogs running by, while the dog maintains his long sit for 3–5 minutes.
  • “Down” in distractions same as above but with the dog in a down position.
  •  Stationary  “place” command in high distractions. Dogs can not get off the place bed till commanded, no matter what is going on around them. This includes running, playing dogs.
  • Running "STOP" command.
  • Sit in motion: Walking fast and giving the “sit” command, your dog will stay in position while you walk away quickly.
  • Starting out of sight commands: This means dog must stay in positions even if you are out of their sight and a distance away from you.
  • Starting “off leash heeling” and “off leash basic commands” if the dogs are ready and all safety rules are abided by.
  • Back up. Dogs must know how to back up if you need them to, particularly in tight quarters.
  • Sit in very high excitement. We will build the dogs drive up and then give them a command one time. They must be in command and IN control in less than 3 seconds.

Advanced Obedience Curriculum:

Complete off leash training classes. All the commands in Basic and Intermediate Obedience Training will be taught with the dog off the leash and in high distractions.

Training Tips

When joining a group class, you should look for how many dogs are in the class. Large classes of 9 or more dogs make it very hard for you to get individualized help. Always check the curriculum to make sure it goes over the issues and commands you are looking for. Always get at least 2 vet references for a dog trainer. We have 45 vet references.

Registration Instructions

You must send (MAIL) in the registration form signed and dated with tuition in order to hold a position in our dog obedience training class. Please include class title, start date, and location on form.

You can also download the form and send it back as an attachment then pay on line at  You DONOT have to open a account with Pay Pal to send tuition.  Our account is  Follow directions to “send money” and it will notify us that you have sent in tuition. 

Our classes are held outdoors and are lots of Fun!! Please dress appropriately! NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS allowed in group classes unless a prior evaluation has occurred. 

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