Susie and her rescue dogs


Full Professional Dog Grooming Services!

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5660 Howard Rd. Cumming GA, 30040
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Meet our groomers Dee Lemmon and Amanda DuShane!

Dee Lemmon has had many years of successful grooming experience.  She is proficient in all breed cuts including poodles, spaniels, terriers, hybrids and mixes.  Her calm way with dogs helps her develop close relationships with her canine customers and her attention to detail and excellent customer service have helped her develop great relationships with her human customers.

Dee has extensive experience with difficult, aged, or complicated grooms, and frequently helped younger groomers with techniques and tips to further their education. She has been often recognized for her outstanding service by her supervisors.  Dee has had rescue dogs in her life for over 35 years and never stops learning from her canine companions.  Come see us as we believe you will be impressed with Dee's talents!

Amanda DuShane has many hobbies but at the top of that list is spending time with her dog, Olive. She adopted Olive two years ago, and they have been inseparable ever since. Amanda carries that love of dogs into grooming all sorts: small to large, curly to wiry, short haired to long, purebreds to mixed-breeds, and puppies to seniors.  Customers continue to come back to her because she is focused, sweet, and caring. She genuinely enjoys the transformation of not only the appearance but the attitude and outlook that grooming can bring to your loving canine.

We are proud to add dog grooming services to our existing list of services. Our professional and experienced dog groomer has knowledge and experience for all cuts and dog grooming breed styles.

Grooming Services


  • Skin & Coat Evaluation
  • Bath using shampoo & conditioner chosen for your pet’s individual needs
  • Complete brushing & combing
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears checked & cleaned
  • Anal glands checked & expressed, if needed
  • Sanitary clip
  • Paws & bangs trim
  • Bows or bandana

Full Groom

  • All services included in the MiniGroom PLUS
  • Full haircut of your choice or
  • Furminator Deshedding

Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort Dog Grooming Service Information:

  • Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort pet grooming is conveniently located in the tri-county area between Forsyth, Cherokee, and Fulton Counties at 5660 Howard Road in Cumming GA, 30040.
  • Our Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort dog groomers have years of experience working with fearful dogs, dogs with anxieties, and dogs that have never been groomed.
  • We will always take special care and use a gentle touch with your toy breeds, small, and petite dog breeds and has an in-depth knowledge of their distinctive cuts and coiffeurs.
  • Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort pet groomers have worked with the larger breed dogs, big boned mix breeds, and giant breeds with the coiffeurs and cuts they require.
  • Here at Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort, most of our staff are dog trainers so we have knowledge of hard to read dogs’, emotional changes, and can recognize the beginning of fear signals allowing us to take immediate care of a shy or fearful dog before they get stressed.
  • Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort professional dog groomers are kind, reliable and experienced with all breed cuts. We are adept at safely shaving dogs for summer and dremmeling and clipping nails on dogs that have long quicks or black nails.
Bella after grooming
Bark-lee after groomingBark-lee before grooming